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With our distribution services you can reach all of London’s 3.3 million residential and business addresses across 32 greater London Boroughs.

Targeting defines your market and sets the parameters of the campaign ensuring you reach the customers, constituents or residents you want to speak to.

London Letterbox Marketing’s geographical targeting tools allow you to set your target area based on:

Postcode Area, District or Sector
Council Borough or Ward
Radius or Drive Time
Street Lists
Your own in-house map

Advanced targeting options allow you to overlay your target area with social demographic tools, property types or your customer data to help identify the areas likely to generate the greatest return for your business. Options include:

Residential or Business Addresses only
Houses or Flats only
ACORN targeting
TGI Survey
Customer Expenditure Data

If you are unsure about what you need speak to one of our team on 0208 9400 666.


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